World Leader in Intelligence and

Geospatial Intelligence Solutions


WCGroup plays a unique role in the Canadian and international Geospatial Intelligence community. WCGroup brings the classified world of intelligence to the Geospatial Intelligence arena.


Discover how WCGroup services can benefit your organization. WCGroup in Ottawa, Canada, offers proven leadership in the area of Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence.


At WCGroup we provide the full range of Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence, and Geomatics solutions. We provide advice in a wide variety of areas, including maritime surveillance.

WCGroup is a world leader in Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence Solutions.

With more than 40 years of Experience in the Intelligence Community. We are a management consultant firm offering proven leadership, project management, and planning skills for optimizing your organization. We are always seeking challenging and rewarding opportunities to ensure that the best Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence solutions are always delivered.

WCGroup provides the full spectrum of Intelligence and Geospatial Intelligence related services. We help organizations by providing end-to-end Geospatial Mission Management.

WCGroup has a very experienced management team who will provide you with solutions.

WCGroup offers its services and products for all aspects of Intelligence, Geospatial Intelligence and Geomatics.

“Geospatial Intelligence- The Power of Where"