WCGroup plays a unique role in the Canadian and international Geospatial Intelligence community.

WCGroup brings the classified world of intelligence to the Geospatial Intelligence arena. The combination of understanding all aspects or remote sensing and GIS, WCGroup plays a very special role in the industry. With thousands of personal contacts around the world, WCGroup has assisted and represented international and Canadian companies in Canada and around the world.

After the normal Non Disclosure Agreements are signed, WCGroup will be a trusted and confidential member of your team.

WCGroup is an active member of the Canadian Association of Defence and Security Industries (CADSI). CADSI is the voice for the Canadian defence, security and intelligence industries. The Association exists to strengthen the relationship and dialogue between government and industry, and to maximize the contribution the members can make to national defence and security.

As the primary advocate for the defence and security industries, CADSI represents the interests of industry to governments, politicians, the media, and opinion leaders.

As a member of CADSI, WCGroup benefits from CADSI’s advocacy and networking opportunities. With WCGroup acting as your team lead in Canada you are able to maintain an effective and professional presence, while not maintaining the overhead of permanent staff in Canada.